Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Kartik saying sorry. Manish says sorry you got hurt because of us. Kartik says this will never happen again. Kirti hugs them. Naira smiles. Manish says I love you. Kartik says I don’t need to say, you know I love you more. Manish says Papa will always try that you don’t get hurt. Kartik says its a brother’s promise that you won’t get hurt. Kirti holds their hands and says your try is big hope for me, thanks.

Dadi asks how will we manage Janmashtami between wedding preparations, pandit did not come. Pandit comes. He says sorry I got late, your Samdhi women Rukmani and Baisa came, they took some time. Dadi says they would be thinking about Janmashtami. Baisa calls him and asks do you have my purse. He says yes, shall I send that home or give to your

Samdhi, I m at Suhasini’s house. Baisa worries and says no need, I m coming, don’t tell…. The call ends. He sees his phone battery dead. Rukmani says we are gone now.

Dadi says we can arrange Jhanki in pandit. Naira talks to Bhabhimaa, Devyaani and Rajshri on video call and says maybe Dadi called our pandit, I will see. She says Baisa has come here. Baisa and Rukmani greet them. Dadi and Naira ask Baisa how did she come. Baisa says I forgot my purse and came here. Naira says I would have got it. Baisa says I came to give dakshina. Pandit gives her purse. Baisa gives money. He says why not, puja is not done. Naira asks what puja. He says Naksh and Kirti’s….. Baisa says puja for Kirti. Dadi asks just Kirti, its amazing. Rukmani says no, by Naksh and Kirti’s name. Baisa asks pandit to go. He leaves. Naira says I will call Kirti. Dadi says yes call her, she will be glad that her inlaws people came to meet her. She asks Baisa did she come far for little thing. Kirti comes and greets Baisa and Rukmani. Baisa hugs her. Dadi gets surprised.

Devyaani says Naira didn’t call again. Bhabhimaa worries. Surekha says pandit ji forgot his diary. It falls down. Naira picks it. Dadi says I will send it, you sit here and talk to Baisa. She gets shocked reading the diary. She asks Baisa to come and sit in her room, they can discuss about things. Rukmani says we are ready to adjust as you say. Dadi says I will manage this alone, you all do your work. Baisa and Rukmani go with Dadi. Surekha says Baisa is doing puja for you, she is not annoyed, isn’t it good. Suwarna asks don’t you find it strange. Naira says yes, I hope as its seen.

Dadi scolds Baisa and Rukmani. Dadi says I did not talk there as Kirti would have got hurt, I know you are doing Shuddikaran just for Kirti. She shows the diary. Naira talks to Rajshri and says I feel scared as if something is going to happen. Dadi, Baisa and Rukmani come down. Dadi says they are going, get sweets for them so that relations turn more sweet. Naira smiles.

Kartik says we won’t have same caterers. Manish asks why, people praise the food. They argue over their choices. Manish asks why are you offended, I was telling this to that man, I m sorry. Kartik says I m sorry too, leave that, check this. Manish likes on. Kartik says I will check reviews. Kartik and Naira see them and smile. Kartik gives tea to Manish. Kirti gets emotional. Naira goes.

Devyaani asks Bhabhimaa why is she lighting diya again. Rajshri says its good Baisa and Dadi did not fight. Bhabhimaa says I will make sweets. Rajshri asks her to make something of Baisa and Rukmani’s choice. Coffee falls over Kartik’s hand. Manish says I m so sorry, go and dip hand in cold water. Kartik says coffee was not too hot, its okay. Manish sees the coffee fallen on table. Kartik laughs. Manish says I know why you are laughing, I scolded you when milk spread on table, then I used to drop tea for many days, you also scolded me back. He cries and says really a curse affected me that our relation came to this point. Kartik looks at him.

Naira asks Dadi why did Baisa come here. Dadi says she told you. Naira says no, something happened. Dadi says Baisa is changing and wishing good for Kirti, I m glad, its our duty to fulfill their expectations, marriage should not have anything less. Naira asks her not to worry. Manish tells Dadi that he will take Kirti to office tomorrow and distribute sweets and bonus to workers. Dadi says no, she has to go for puja. Naira says fine, we will do puja and then go. Kartik says its right idea. Dadi says no, just Kirti will do puja and come back, her inlaws will be there. Kartik says atleast Naira can go. Dadi says none will go, why do you all go against me, its small puja, Kirti will go and come, you all do your own work. She goes. Manish asks what happened to her. Akhilesh says maybe she is in stress, as marriage is close. Kirti says I know Dadi is much worried for me. Naira thinks matter is something else, does that diary has something. She asks Surekha about diary. Surekha says its there, I will give it when pandit comes. Naira checks diary.

Kartik sees Suwarna taking his mum’s necklace and reacts rudely. He says its my mum’s necklace Dadi, how did you give this to her. Suwarna gets sad.