Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Naksh and Kartik in deep agony because of Kirti’s critical condition. Naksh blames God for ruining his happiness every time. Kartik tries to console Naksh.
Manish and Avinash break down seeing Kirti in such a miserable condition.
Naira waits for Kartik desperately. She calls him and tells him about Kirti’s birthday party which she has planned. Naira asks him to come as soon as possible.
Devyani and Bhabhi Maa come to see Kirti in the hospital. They get shocked seeing Kirti’s condition. Suhasini breaks down seeing Kirti on a video call.
Naira sees Suhasini crying.
Naira gets scared. Naira gets to know that Kartik lied to her about him visiting the doctor.
Naira didn’t see the news telecast of the incident on the television. Doctor tells them that Kirti’s baby is fine.
Kartik comes to Naira. She gives him her baby’s swear to know the truth. Kartik tells her that Kirti and Naksh have met a fatal accident. Kirti is in coma.
All this is Kartik’s dream. Kartik avoids telling anything to Naira. Naira feels that something is wrong.
Precap: Naira reaches the hospital where Kirti is admitted.