Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Naira gets very sad after getting to know about Dadi’s wish for a grandson. Dadi tries to explain her stand to have a heir for Goenka family.

Naira does not like gender discrimination and gets worried about Dadi’s wrong move that can ruin their happiness. She geta big shock after finding out that Dadi has arranged the mobile set up for the medical tests to know the gender of the baby. Naira teaches a lesson to the fake doctors by taking the van to the police station. Meanwhile, Kartik waits for Santa to come back. He answers the kids about Santa. He thinks of going upstairs and calling Naira. He finds out that Naira has come as Santa in the party. Niara files a complaint against the fake doctor and tells the police to take an action against such people who conduct illegal crimes. Naira doesn’t reveal about Dadi’s wish to find out the gender of the baby. Goenka family worries for Naira as they find out she is not at home.

Dadi is worried and wants to tells Kartik about what happened. Naira comes back home with police. Kartik gets tensed for Naira. Inspector tells Kartik about Naira getting the fake doctor arrested for illegal sex determination scandal of babies. The cops drop Naira home and leave. Manish wants to know about Naira’s great work. Naira tells everyone about her big decision that she cannot stay with Goenka family anymore.

Kartik gets shocked and asks her if she is joking. Naira tells the entire matter to Kartik. Dadi feels ashamed when her doings get known to the family. Dadi tells Kartik that she wanted a baby boy and was eager to know about the baby’s gender. Manish tells Kartik that Dadi is not wrong and supports his mother. The arguments begin in Goenka house. Manish justifies that he isn’t wrong. Surekha blames Dadi for mentally disturbing her during her pregnancy by forcing her to give a son to the family. She tells them how much tensed she was at the time of Mansi’s birth. Kartik doesn’t want Manish to support Dadi. Manish tells him that everyone wishes for a heir. Kartik gets shocked. Naira tells Dadi that performing puja isn’t wrong, but getting the illegal medical tests done by fraud is completely wrong. Kartik is unable to believe that Dadi has put Naira in pressure.

Naira worries that Dadi’s step could have taken a toll on her health or on the baby’s safety. Manish also gets speechless knowing the complete matter. Kartik and Naira are much hurt with Dadi’s actions. They want to prove that both a son and daughter bring equal happiness in the family. Kartik takes a big step for ensuring the baby’s safety. He makes Dadi and Manish away from the coming child, to teach them a lesson.