Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th December 2018 written episode written update

Nurse informing Naira about Kartik’s call. Naira tries to call but the phone is busy. Naira gets ready for the operation. Kartik sees Naira’s message and rushes towards the hospital. Kartik feels that Naira must have seen the abortion papers.
Kartik bangs into the operation theater. Kirti gets a call from her new job. However, she doesn’t know that all this is a plan of her ex-husband Aditya.
Doctor scolds Kartik for leaving Naira alone at this crucial moment. Kartik cries badly as he thinks his baby is aborted.
Kirti reaches her new office and gets shocked seeing Aditya as her new boss. Kirti refuses to work with him.

Kartik comes home and questions Naira about the abortion. Naira ignores Kartik and says that she doesn’t want to live with him anymore.
Kartik apologizes. Naira tells him that she didn’t abort the baby. She says she will bring up the baby on her own by staying away from him. Naira decides to leave Goenka house.
Kartik confesses that he too didn’t wanted abortion. He tells her about the surprise he planned for her and their baby. Naira accepts his apology and cancels her plan to leave the house.