Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Kartik and Naira heading downstairs for the puja. Singhania’s are happy to see Naira’s baby boy. Naira misses Naksh.
Suddenly, Naksh comes playing a dhol to be a part of Naira and Kartik’s happiness. Naksh is super happy on becoming an uncle.
Kartik feels guilty. The puja starts. The ladies sing traditional songs to mark the beginning of the puja. Naksh gets happy to take the child in his arms while Naira and Kartik are busy doing the puja.
The transgenders come and address Naksh as baby’s father. Kartik feels bad. Naira corrects them by saying that he is child’s uncle.
Naira strains her body and gets pain. Sulekha asks Suhasini to hire a nurse for Naira and her child.
Kartik talks to the baby and seeks his apology for separating him from his father.
Naira gets Kirti’s baby’s hospital tag lying on the floor.
She questions Kartik about the same. Kartik says he kept it as a memory of the child.
Police come to Singhania house and shows them the CCTV footage of the accident. Naksh identifies Aditya’s car and asks the police officer not to spare him.
Kartik gets shocked to see the nurse as she is the one who knows about the baby swap. Suhasini comes and says she has hired her for Naira’s care.
Naksh tells everybody about the hotel incident which irked Aditya. Bua ji decides to question Goenka’s for Aditya’s evil act. But, Naksh stops her.
Naksh blames himself for all this. He says he was the one who forced her to work with Aditya.
Kartik is helpless and scared seeing the nurse in the house.
Precap: Naira’s baby goes missing from the house.