Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

The Episode starts with Naira seeing Lav and Kush sleeping. She says they won’t know about baby and leaves. Naksh sees Aditya coming and asks how dare you come here, get out. Inspector says he has taken permission from seniors and came here. Aditya folds hands and says sorry, I saw you on the way and lost my mind, I realized what wrong I did, my parents aren’t talking to me, my lawyer said he can’t help me, I will confess my crime, just forgive me to lessen my guilt. Bhabhimaa scolds him and says go, I have forgiven you. Naksh gets away and sees his lawyer outside. Inspector says if you forgive him, the charges on him will get less.

Kartik says I will call Dadi, she took him to temple. Dadi asks what. Naira says my baby, I want my baby. Everyone gets shocked. Naira says

nurse Leela has come here for a motive, she kept staring at money and then asked for advance, she has stolen the child and now she will blackmail us. Kartik says maybe she did this. Naira says call the police. Dadi says we will teach her a lesson. Naira says I want my baby. She faints. Kartik holds her. Naksh asks did you come in his words, he is a liar, what’s this lawyer doing outside the house, he did all this drama because he knew that if you forgive him, he will be accused only for rash driving, his lawyer advised him. Lawyer says yes. Naksh says Aditya wait and watch, how I get you punished, whatever you did with my baby and Kirti, none will forgive you. Mohit says he should be punished strictly. Inspector takes Aditya. Everyone asks Naira to wake up. Akhilesh asks security to check CCTV footage. Servant says systems go upgraded today, they took the hard disk. Akhilesh says this had to happen today.

Devyaani and Bhabhimaa cry and ask why did this happen. Naksh says I found no record of Leela at the hospital. Surekha says even her phone is switched off. Naira gets up and asks did you find my baby. Nurse comes and says I m here, what’s the matter. Naira and everyone ask her where is the baby. Nurse says baby was with Kartik and Naira, I told them I m going out, I went to church to pray for my family, why will I take the baby. Naira says you are taking revenge as we refused to give advance. Kartik says please, give us our baby back, I m grateful to you for help in hospital. Naira and Akhilesh ask Kartik to be strict with her.

Nurse says I didn’t do anything. Guard says I got a footage, when Leela went out, she had a big bag in her hand. They all check the footage. Surekha asks Manish to call police. Nurse says the bag had old clothes, maid has given that to me. Kartik scolds her. Manish says take all the money, return the child to us. Kartik says I know why she has come here, humanity and emotions don’t matter to some people, they just value money, she helped me in hospital and I thought she is a good person, Naira and Kirti were serious, both babies were in NICU, she came to me and gave me news that baby is no more, I didn’t know what to do, then she helped me in this decision, only she knows that secret so she has come here. Kartik asks what did you do Kartik.

He shouts on nurse and says I m talking to Naira. They hear baby crying. They rush upstairs and find baby with kids. They all thank Lord. Surekha says you said you have checked this room. Naira says yes, I didn’t think that kids have hidden baby under blanket. Lav says we got baby when Kartik and Naira were sleeping. Naira says I scolded Leela a lot, sorry. She asks Kartik what secret were you talking about, what happened in the hospital, tell me. Kartik says Naira… Nurse asks shall I tell you. She says sorry Sir, its better to tell them, your guilt will get less and no one will doubt on me, when the other baby died, Sir felt that’s your baby, he was very upset and started crying, when I brought this baby to him and told him that your baby is fine, he said Thank God and ran to give you good news, then he thought of something and came back.

Naira asks what do you mean. Nurse says he felt bad, he got happy hearing about his child, but his sister’s child… Akhilesh says that was his natural reaction, we need to do certain things based on situation, things can be corrected when right time comes, maybe he is regretting a lot. Nurse smiles and goes. Naira hugs Kartik and says you are really good, why did you think of this, you should be guilt free. He asks if I take any decision as per time and situation, won’t you blame me. He thinks I know its not easy to answer this question.

Naira says why don’t we bring Kirti home and maybe some miracle happens. Kirti moves her toes. Naira says maybe Kirti gets a new life on the day of baby’s Naamkaran.