Yeh Teri Galiyaan 13th February 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Ashmita. She is frustrated because Shantanu is framed and she couldn’t do anything about it.
Hridoy finds Ashmita tensed. He assumes that Ashmita is still angry because of him. Hridoy apologizes. Ashmita asks him to sleep. Hridoy starts hitting himself. Ashmita stops him. She asks him to think about his family before hurting himself. Hridoy tells her that when Ashmita starts bothering for him, he will start thinking about his family.
Shantanu is still thinking about last night. He asks Ashmita about what all things he did in front of the family.
Ashmita tells him that he was fine. She asks him to try the ring she found in the culprit’s hands. Shantanu recognizes the rings and claims it.
Ashmita gets emotional. She understands that Shantanu is not innocent.
Ashmita finds Shantanu talking to Nevidita. He tells Nevidita that he will come up with a solution by night. Ashmita informs Aditya that she will go after Shantanu.
Paromita spikes Shantanu’s drink. Shantanu faints.
Precap: Beauty enters Majumdar house for announcing Paromita’s pregnancy news.