Yeh Teri Galiyaan 25th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Chanda maa praising Puchki. Chanda tells that she is grateful for such daughter and daughter in law at the same time.
Puchki tells Chanda that if she would have been there for her then nothing would happen. Puchki is confused in her life. Puchki asks about the mystery from Chanda but Chanda denies telling her.
Chanda makes Puchki believe that Shantanu is just hers and nobody can apart them. Beauty wants Paro to make some action. Paro is convinced.
Puchki doesn’t want Shantanu to attend the wedding night with Paro.
Shantanu is confused. Puchki prays to god for not letting Shantanu go. Shantanu and Puchki are at same temple surprisingly.
Family members welcome Shantanu. Paro gets ready. Shantanu remembers Puchki & says I love you.
Puchki’s father gets sick. Puchki gets too worried. Puchki tries to call Shantanu many times.