Yeh Teri Galiyaan 29th January 2019 Written Episode Written Update

Asmita says no matter what anyone says you are my husband and no one can change that truth. Accept and tell everyone that I am your wife. I am ready. Are you? He says ow can I? She says like I did. She says our happiness and sadness are together. She fills her hairline.

Nevi calls asmita and says why is she not picking up. Moushmi says what is she so busy in that she can’t pick your phone. What is going on? Call Shan. He might pick up. They might be together like always. Shan says have you gone crazy? She says yes. You aren’t accepting this relation. I am your wife.

Asmita’s and gets stuck in a table. Shan helps her taking it out. Moushmi says none of them are picking. What is up. Nevi says Asmita’s dad is in hospital. Moushmi says why didn’t she inform you or ridoy? Maybe Asmita also thinks she is SHan’s wife. NEvi says Shan clearly said he is not her husband. Mushmi says still they are together.
Shan and asmita come to baba aand ask baba are you together. He says I saw you two together I would be fine. Shan says just focus on your health and rest. They come out.
ASmita says I will stay you go. He says I will stay. She says no I don’t need you to. Shan says why are you acting responsible all the time. She says because I am unlike you. They both argue. SHe says you aren’t always right. The old woman comes and says you two are so cute. You just got married, love each other not fight. She says you two got the best life partners. She leaves. Shan and asmita sit angry. Shan looks at her and smiles. He says always acting liek a child.

Paro says lets go to Shan’s house. Beauty says shut up. I have a bigger plan. This wont work without something big.
Asmita is trying to sleep on sofa. Shan looks at her. He sits next to her. She sleeps on his shoulder. Shan caresses her face. Mohit sees them together and takes their photos.

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