Yeh Teri Galiyan 30th August 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Shantanu prays for Nivedita and her baby while here Puchki prays for Thaku Maa.

Doctor reveals Nivedita critical state where Ravindra asks Doctor to first save the child, not Nivedita where Moushmi supports his decision but Arindham feels shattered.

Shantanu holds Doctor’s hands and requests him to save his Mumma and child both, Arindham hugs Shantanu where Shantanu wipes his tears and assures him that God will surely save Mumma and Baby.

Puchki is in the same hospital and crosses by Shantanu, Shantanu feels her presence but fails to see her. Doctor asks Chanda to take Thaku Maa to home she will be fine soon, where Beauty comes, Beauty and Thaku Maa have major clash when Beauty wishes Thaku Maa could die soon.

Puchki is upset with God and goes to pray, she prays for Thaku Maa and promises that if she will never talk to him if he will snatch Thaku Maa from her, while here Shantanu is standing nearby Puchki and prays for Nivedita.

They both lastly pray for each other…

Nivedita gives birth to baby boy and Nivedita is also fine, Shantanu gets happy and wants to take baby in his lap but he gets upset when Ravindra and Moushmi talk about their own blood their real heir.

Shantanu thanks to God where the Doctor thanks Shantanu for encouraging her to turn impossible into possible, Shantanu kisses her hands.

Moushmi is distributing sweets to the hospital staff she tells Thaku Maa Chanda and everyone that a baby boy has come in their family Puchki gets excited and goes to meet the baby.

Shantanu sneakily enters in room and meets the baby, he gets so happy seeing him and recalls Puchki, he tells that he will introduce him to Puchki and they both will visit Sonagachi to meet Puchki, he is about to take the baby in his lap but Nivedita wakes up and stops Shantanu.

Nivedita pushes away Shantanu and stops him from touching her son, Shantanu is broken in tears and leaves the room with heavy heart, Puchki is standing on the other side of door, but before they both would see each other, Beauty takes away Puchki to home.

Shantanu shares to Arindham that how Nivedita refused to talk and also stopped him from meeting the baby, Shantanu cries and questions Arindham why she is upset with him while Arindham consoles him and asks him to go home he will talk to Nivedita.

Beauty planning a evil game

Shantanu comes home and misses Puchki, he sees her photograph while suddenly Puchki comes and cheers him up, she calls him Shantanu and Rotunu, Shantanu smiles they both have a pillow fight…Tu Jo Rutha To Kon Hasega…Tera Yaar Hun Mai…song plays.

Suddenly Shantanu realizes that it was his dream, he sees Nivedita and his photograph broken he feels something wrong with Puchki.

Next day a man throttles Beauty, Beauty attacks him but gets happy seeing him, she scolds Rana for scaring her.

They both plan to knock out Thaku Maa and rule Sonagachi in their own way…and enjoy their planning while Chanda hears them and thinks to find out some solution.


Beauty captivates Puchki in a cage, and says that she will only come out when she will get mortgaged. Puchki shouts for help.