Yeh Teri Galiyan 31st August 2018 Written Update Written Episode

Scene 1
Shan calls Chanda. Puchki picks. Chanda takes the phone. She says how are you? He says I am good. I have a brother now. Chadna says do they love you? Shan says they care for me a lot. They love me. Everyone is very happy. She says take care of your brother. Puchki takes the phone. Shan says puchki I have brother. I call him junior. She says not better than Puchki but don’t love him more than. I wont talk to you if you do.

Doctor says to Aru there is a slight deformity in the baby’s left foot. He will be a bit lame from left hand. Nivedita hears and screams. She looks at her baby and recalls she fell because of hsna. She says this all happened because of your sin. My son will bear this problem for life now.

Scene 2
Rana says to beauty you wont get

a chance like this again. You cam auction your girls and earn big. Aru’s brother comes with people. They protest. Beauty says what is your problem? He says we are here to take Puchki from here. Beauty says Puchki is ours.

Nivedita says to Aru if you wanna give this marriage a chance send shan away from this house. That insect from sona kachi.. Ravindra says sona kachi?
Thaku ma says Puchki is ours. This place is her fate. She is born here. He says I will bring police. Thaku ma laughs and says they might be sleeping here. Don’t scare us with police.

Nivedita says send Shan away from here sir. He is illegitimate. Ravindra says fight the root not the tree. Forget what happened. I even asked Aru to marrying another woman. He didn’t agree. You should be happy that he came back to you. You couldn’t give our family a baby. Nivedita says if this is your decision I will leave this house with my baby. Ravindra says Shan is our elder son and this baby is younger
He says you can go but alone like you came here. Not with our baby.

Puchki sits and hides in Aru’s brothers car. He says how did you come in? She says I am looking for my friend. He is in the school you took me. He says my nephew studies there too. She says great take me we will find him there.

Nivedita comes home. Ravindra asks Shan to do their arti. He does it. Shan touches the baby. Nive goes inside. Shan says why is mama not letting me touch the baby. Will you send me back to bari? Aru says no I wont. Sir has decided you will live here. He says what about mama? Aru says go to school.
Chanda is looking for Puchki. She asks beauty. Beauty says you are behind all this I am sure. You asked those people to come here and protest.

Rana sees Puchki near the school. Puchki asks peon about Shantanu. He says there are so many Shan in the school. She says I want to meet my bhondo. Peon goes in and tells other peon, Shan hears. He comes out.
Rana says to Puchki you are puchki right? I know who are you looking for. He locks Puchki in a van and takes her from there. Shan sees them and runs after the van. A bike hits him and he faints.
Precap-Puchki says leave me beauty. Beauty hands her in a cage. There are hounds down. Puchki falls.