Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 15th August 2018 Written Update Written Episode

The Episode starts with Naina and others getting tensed seeing Sharad’s mum in college. Swati says she must have come for enquiry. Anand talks to Taya ji and Rakesh and says Naina’s inlaws don’t want her to study after marriage. Rakesh says it is their wish. Tayi ji says why did she tell that she wants to study. Taya ji says Sharad’s family will decide and asks Rakesh to fix the date. Rakesh says I will go to stay with Arjun. Tai ji gets happy. Anand says Naina wants to study. Taya ji maintains same decision. Kamya asks Naina to make them meet Sharad. Naina’s voiceover tells that in those days, people used to come to college or school to get info about the girl and boy. Mitali asks Karthik what they might be doing here. Karthik says Naina’s saas came to college. Mitali says

we shall go and inform her about Sameer and Naina. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he always wanted Naina and his name written on board always and laughs.

Karthik writes Naina and Sameer’s name on the black board. He tells Sharad’s mum will go from here. He talks about Naina and Sameer’s love. Sharad’s mum hears him and asks about Naina. Karthik tells that Sameer and Naina have an affair and tells that he is joking. She asks where is Sameer? Karthik says in the restaurant. They take her to red rose restaurant. Sharad’s mum comes to Sameer and says you are the same guy who was at the restaurant.

Swati informs Naina that Sharad’s mum went to restaurant. Sharad’s mum asks Sameer if Naina and he are having an affair. Sameer gets up and says yes, we are having an affair. He then says I am joking. Naina is tensed. Sameer says I am Deen Dayal Maheshwari’s only heir and asks how can you think of me and Naina. He says scooter tyre fits in scooter only and I saw your son, he is fit for Naina. He says I like modern girl while Naina is simple. He says I will faint hearing you. Naina smiles. Swati asks why you are smiling, he is insulting you. Naina says you will not understand. Sameer says you would have thought about my status before spying here, and asks what Agarwals will think if they know. He asks her to break the alliance if she has any doubt on Naina and says she will get any simple guy like her. He asks who gave her idea to come here? Sharad’s mum says she saw their name on the board. Sameer says it was actually Su Naina and says some donkeys are standing behind you. He asks Karthik and Priyank to go.

Sunaina comes there. Sameer introduces Sunaina to her and tells that he is having an affair with her. He asks Sunaina to greet Naina’s saas. He asks everyone to tell that he proposed Sunaina. He says Sunaina is of his status and their Jodi is perfect. Sharad’s mum says Naina and Sharad’s Jodi is perfect. Naina’s voiceover tells that she got upset thinking about changes in Sameer. Jab hum jawaan hunge plays…..Kamya, Munna and Pandit salute for Sameer. Munna tells Sameer that he has won their heart. Pandit says if someone else would have been on your place, then would have tell everything. Kamya also appreciates him and says this is the difference between you and Karthik. Sameer says he will never do something which will ruin Naina’s name. Naina comes and thanks him. Sameer says no thanks or sorry in friendship. Naina asks can we be friends again. Munna, Pandit and Kamya leave. Naina says you didn’t answer and says you know that we can’t think bad each other. She says don’t you want to remember about your past love after 20/30/40 years with smile etc. She couldn’t make our love successful but can make it memorable. Karthik and Sunaina hears them.

Sameer calls Sunaina and asks him to meet him within an hour in the re rose restaurant. He says I will meet and tell you.