Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai 26th December 2018 written episode written update

Maheshwaris talking to Sameer. They say that they aren’t compatible with the Agarwals. Vishakha asks Munna and Pandit to leave.
Naina cries and tells Preeti that with difficulty Anand was able to convince Tai ji and Tau ji to meet them. She asks her what is wrong with her.
Sameer asks his parents why they didn’t talk about his marriage. Vishakha says that he is not of marriageable age yet. Vivek asks him what he has achieved in life. He is told that his family will find a better match for him.
Anand asks Naina whether she will want to go to a house where she isn’t needed.
He tells her that if Sameer wants to marry her then his family must ask for her hand in marriage. He tells her not to call Sameer. Naina shows her faith in Sameer. Anand says that now Maheshwaris have to make the next move.
Naina waits for Sameer’s call.
Sameer comes to visit Naina with his family. Bela tells Naina to go dress up. Anand tells Preeti to call Tau ji and Tai ji. Sameer gestures Vishakha to talk. Vishakha says that they want to talk about Sameer’s marriage.