The Episode starts with Shefali coming to Bela’s house and asks if they have extra cylinder. Bela says we have just used the new one. Arjun says what you will do now. Shefali says she will manage and says mummy will come late too. Preeti asks her to have tinde dish. She says she will take it if she needs and goes. Sameer calls Naina. Preeti picks the call and says hello. Sameer ends the call. Pandit and Munna bring coins and tell him that Naina will pick the phone at last. Sameer thanks them for being their true friend. They ask him to apologize to Naina. Preeti picks the call again and asks why he is not talking, says her voice isn’t that bad. Naina comes out in balcony and sees Sameer in public booth. He comes out of booth and looks at her. Chandani raat hai plays….Preeti says

don’t know who is calling. Sameer, Munna and pandit hide. She says she has kept phone on side, now it will not ring. Naina says it louder and says even flirt boys must have heard this. Sameer hears her. Pandit and Munna ask Sameer to come, and asks him to apologize to Naina in the morning. Sameer asks them to go and says he will wait there. They say they have to go else their family will search him. Sameer’s voiceover tells that even he don’t have the habit to be beaten by the people and was scared too. He says love can be hidden. Sameer looks at her balcony.

Tai ji asks Preeti to close TV. Arjun tells that he will take food to his room and have it. Tai ji asks him to have less food. Rakesh scolds Tai ji and asks Arjun to go. Tai ji asks Bela to make them have sweets. Anand says they have got the place for groom’s family to stay. Tai ji asks what Rakesh is gifting Pooja. Anand says leave this topic. Rakesh says he earns money with his hardwork and don’t get money by fighting fake cases. He says he don’t have money. Tai ji scolds him and asks him not to feign helplessness and says when the matter to spend money comes, his hands gets paralyzed. She tells Naina to stop thinking about a good alliance and says she has a burnt kundali. Rakesh asks her to stop it. Sameer is standing outside the house and looks in the balcony. Naina’s voiceover tells that she was broken like a glass because of Sameer and the family drama. She doesn’t know what to do thinking she will not get good groom. Rakesh goes angrily. Anand tries to stop him and gets upset.

Arjun comes to Shefali’s house and knocks the door. Shefali opens the door and says you are here at this time. Arjun says he brought food for her thinking you might not have the food. He says I want to say something and asks her if you can give this plate and bowls after washing. Shefali says ok and gives it to him. She asks him not to take tension of game and says it seems like you haven’t slept since many days, and says she wants him to win. She says she will come to see his match. Arjun gets happy.

Preeti tells Naina that Tayi ji is habituated to badmouth about Rakesh. Naina says why she raised this topic. Anand tells Bela that Tai ji shouldn’t have done this. Bela says he should give something. Anand says he is spending his earnings to make Arjun’s career as he couldn’t become something. He says Naina is also our daughter like Preeti and Pooja. Bela says yes, but what to tell guests if they ask what he gave. Sameer thinks everyone slept, but I will be awake. Naina comes to balcony and sees him standing. He holds her ear and say sorry. Sogaya plays…Parrot also says sorry when Naina’s collides with it. Sameer takes out sweater from his bike which Naina have woven for him. Sameer’s voiceover tells that if anyone had told that he will wait outside someone’s house then he would had laugh, but he was actually waiting for her forgiveness. He says he doesn’t know that a honest girl will reject him and will make him reach the earth. Song plays…..kyun pyaar ka mausam. Naina tries to sleep. Sameer is sitting outside and feeling cold.

Munna and Pandit see Rakesh coming and say he will beat us. They asks Sameer to come. Sameer says if Naina wants this, then I will not run away from here.