Sameer is feeling cold. Munna and Pandit bring blanket and food for him. They say they are his shadow, they can’t leave him alone. Sameer says it’s their fight, he will fight alone. They don’t go and say sweater is looking good on him which Naina bhabhi made. Sameer says she’s just his friend whose heart he broke and now she is not accepting his apology. Munna and Pandit say Naina will definitely melt. Sameer says he will be restless till he says sorry for her, so he will stay there only.

It’s morning. Naina comes out in balcony to see whether Sameer is still there. She doesn’t see him and says it’s easy to break someone’s heart, but difficult to say sorry. It’s good that his sorry fever is gone in one night. A truck leaves

from there. Sameer and his friends were sitting/sleeping behind it. Sameer gets up seeing Naina. Naina ignores him again.

Chachaji comes to Naina to talk about what happened last night. He tells her that she is his daughter too and she should not feel bad for what Rakesh said. Naina says she knows and asks why girls side give dowry, why happy occasion becomes a burden. Chachaji says it’s nothing like that. A daughter’s marriage is very special for her father and there is nothing like dowry. It’s just gift. Some people has made this tradition dirty. It’s wrong to ask for dowry, but there is nothing wrong if father gives gifts with love. Naina says what if she doesn’t get married. Chachaji says that’s not possible. He sees a lot of love in her eyes. A prince charming will come for her, but for now she should concentrate on studies.

Rakesh comes. Chachaji goes to him and gives money to buy gifts for Pooja. Rakesh refuses to take saying he wants to show him down. Chachaji says it’s not like that. Everyone sees his angry side, but he knows he’s very soft from inside. In childhood, he made many sacrifices so his younger brother could become CA. Rakesh says it was his duty. Chachaji insists him to take and Rakesh takes in end and leaves. Chachiji sees this and is not happy. Chachaji tells her it’s matter between brothers, she doesn’t need to say anything and she better not tell this to anyone. Naina also saw all that.

Female narrator says, back then relationships meant more than money. Her faith from relationships was gone after what Sameer did to her, but after seeing what Chachaji did that day, her faith started coming back.

One store was playing music loud. Sameer and his friends tell store owner to play their music. They play different sorry songs. Naina gets irritated. Sameer is confident Naina will come to balcony, and she does. Sameer again says sorry in gestures. Munna and Pandit also follow Sameer. Naina goes back inside. Munna tells Sameer she won’t accept apology that easily and asks to go home now, but Sameer doesn’t give up.

Male narrator says, another word for love is wait. His Nanaji used to say never give up.

Rakesh comes outside. Munna and Pandit think Naina sent him to beat them up. Sameer says if that’s what Naina wants, then let it be. Munna and Pandit takes Sameer and hide. Rakesh leaves. Sameer says he will wait more.

Tauji, Taiji, Chachiji, Pooja are making guest list. Rakesh comes and gives gift to Pooja and leaves. Taiji wonders how he managed to get such an expensive gift. She doubts Chachaji must have given him money and tries to find out from Chachiji, but she keeps quiet and walks away. Later she hears Taiji saying why Chachaji would take more expense in addition to marriage expense. Chachiji says to herself, this is what happens, Chachaji does good for everyone and no one credits him. She goes to buy vegetables downstairs. Rakesh is also there. Chachiji tries to bargain, but doesn’t succeed. Rakesh bargains for her and she asks him to leave it. Rakesh asks why.. his brother works hard and she is wasting money. They have an argument. Chachiji tries to leave quickly after taunting him and in that Rakesh’s bike and all cycles fall. Naina’s cycle breaks. Sameer and his friends saw all this.

Male narrator says, he saw mosquitoes in night, learned how to change poses to sleep on hard floor, even found out price of vegetables by seeing Rakesh and Chachiji’s argument. Naina used to teach him new things even when she was not with him.

Precap: More family drama. Rakesh tells Chachaji that he is good to him in house and outside his wife taunts him. If they find him burden, then he won’t stay there. He asks Naina and Arjun to go with him.