The Episode starts with Munna and pandit calling at Naina’s house and asking her to take care of Sameer. She gives rude reply and gives call to Sameer. Sameer says he is fine and asks them not to call there, as Naina gets upset. Munna and Pandit think Naina’s love changed him fully. Pralay comes to Bela and asks her to give biscuit as someone is coming. Bela says Tai ji is teaching her son as well to ask and gives the biscuits. Pralay takes the tea sip. Sameer smiles. Bela tells Pralay that biscuit is of 3 Rs. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he felt the love of joint family for the first time, which he never saw or lived. He smiles. Bela asks why you are smiling. Pralay asks if you are a guest here. Sameer says no. Bela asks him to go and not to talk to stranger. Pralay calls him

uncle and goes. Tai ji calls Pralay. Pralay brings just 3 biscuits. Tai ji gets irked and thinks Bela gave just 3 biscuits. Pralay tells Tai ji that there is a guy at Bela’s house. Tai ji says she will go and scold him.

Taya ji says he is rich businessman Jai Prakash ji’s grand son and asks her to behave nicely with him, so that they can get their case. Tai ji says ok. Bela makes Tinde in the lunch menu. Sameer says he likes it too. Bela asks if someone asked him. Rakesh comes and asks Sameer to work rather than enjoying. He asks Bela what is she doing? Bela says she is serving food for Arjun. Rakesh says you will not get forgiveness from me and says I have kept Servant for Arjun. He asks Naina to take all work from Sameer. He says your Nana has become great, and you are relaxing here.

Rakesh tells Sameer that he shall take care of Arjun and take him to loo also, else Jai Prakash ji have to give him 5 lakhs rs. as promised. He asks him to come to Arjun. Tai ji asks Bela if this guy ran away then will Arjun gets 5 lakhs rs. Bela says I don’t know and says if he gets even 2 lakhs then he will buy house for himself. Tai ji says even if he gets money then also he will stay here. She says if he gets money then he will show much attitude.

Rakesh asks Sameer to feed food to Arjun without making anything fall, else they will not get anything. Arjun asks Sameer not to act and calls him friend. He says life has given him a chance and they shall make a fresh start. Arjun says you have trapped my innocent sister by these talks. Sameer tries to feed him. Arjun spits the food and asks if he is getting angry, and asks him to beat him. Sameer tells him that his nana ji says that it is easy to raise hand on others, but difficult to forward a friendship land. He asks him to have food for recovery. Arjun makes the plate fall. Naina comes and feeds food to Arjun. Bela comes with broom. Sameer asks her to clean and says he will stand out. Bela asks him to clean it. Naina says rich guy must not know how to sweep the floor and says she will clean it. Sameer says he will clean it as he is the one who messed it up. Naina’s voiceover tells that she feels that she should have appreciated Sameer for his gesture, as he was standing with broom in his hand, but she was angry with him.

Precap: Naina gives tea to Sameer. Sameer smiles.