Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 15th January 2018 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Tai ji coming to bela’s house and says she will drink tea. She asks Naina to put cardamom in the tea. She asks her to make tea for sameer also. Sameer smiles. Bela asks do you think we are joker. Tai ji takes her tea. Naina gives him tea. Sameer says he wants to have coffee. Bela says do you think this is hotel or your sasural? Sameer says I will drink tea and takes tea from Naina’s hand. Ek ladka hota hai plays…Naina makes an angry face. Tai ji comes back to her house and tells that if Sameer runs away from the house then his Nana ji will give 5 lakhs Rs. to Rakesh. She says she won’t let the guy run away. Taya ji says we shall not get such money in our house.

Arjun gets sad thinking about his cricket career. Sameer says I will come tomorrow. Arjun

asks him not to come and says he will get up from his aarthi also and beat him. Sameer says you will soon stand and walk. Preeti asks Naina to bring something. Naina says I will not go. Preeti goes. Sameer looks back and calls Naina, sees Preeti and then says I am going. Preeti asks him to go. Sameer asks her to say bye to everyone and asks shall I go? Preeti asks him to relax inside and says bye.. Sameer waits for Naina and goes. He collides with Shefali and says sorry. Shefali asks if he is Sameer Maheshwari. Sameer says yes. Shefali says Naina told me everything. Sameer says if she had told you everything then you wouldn’t have talked to me.

Shefali says she is naina and arjun’s friend. He teaches her cricket and says there is a misunderstanding between them. Sameer says Arjun is not talking to him and asks for her help. He forwards hand for hand shake and then takes it back. Shefali forwards her hand and shake her hand with his hand. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he befriended Naina’s friend to reach her. Munna and pandit applaud for Sameer and says you are back from gabbar’s house. They ask if Naina romanced with him silently. Sameer says it was a dangerous entry and tells about his first day. He says he sweep the floor, clean the floor and have tea also. He saw a glimpse of Naina and will go tomorrow again. Nanu hears him and claps for him. He says I am proud of you. Sameer says I will go for our prestige. Munna says he is ready to do anything for Naina. Nanu says one glimpse of lover is enough to live. Munna and Pandit tells that they will also go with him. Nanu says this is called yaarana, world’s big treasure.

Next day, Sameer goes to Naina’s house with his friends. Yeh dosti song plays…Shefali waves him hi. Munna asks if he is in love with this pataka girl. Sameer says she is shefali and helping me to befriend Arjun. Shefali comes and shakes hand with them. Pandit and Munna get happy. Pandit says he will not wash his hand for a week. Shefali says she has a good idea to win his heart. Sameer likes the idea and says it is good. Rakesh stops them and tells sameer that he is 5 mins late. Pandit asks from where you gets so much energy. Rakesh shouts at him. Tai ji and Naina come out. Rakesh asks if he is tired of service and asks him to tell his nana that he can’t take care of Arjun. Munna says we came to give coffee. Sameer says he is our teacher. Rakesh asks Munna and Pandit to stay out and asks Sameer to make Arjun take bath. Sameer says ok, and says he wants to do something for Arjun. Rakesh says ok. Sameer thanks him. Naina looks on. Sameer goes towards Naina. Om shanti om song plays…Rakesh sees Naina and Sameer having an eye lock.

Naina tells Sameer that her brother will not come. Sameer says he will come and says lets bet. Naina gets upset.