The Episode starts with Sameer coming to kitchen and says Rakesh sir asked him to make breakfast for Arjun. Bela asks if he can make anything. Tai ji scolds Bela for taking advantage of Bholu ram’s innocence. Sameer asks who is he? Tai ji says you. She asks Naina to help him. Naina comes to Arjun and asks him to wake up. Arjun says what to do by getting up. Naina says we will watch TV. Arjun says I have to take someone’s help to even sit on wheel chair. He says Papa brought Sameer here. Naina says she will take him out. Arjun says I don’t need anyone sympathy and says this is my only world. He rests on bed. Naina goes out.

Taya ji tells that marriage day is coming near. Pooja asks when will the cards be distributed. Anand tells that they shall get the marriage happen once

Arjun recovers. Tai ji says half of the cards are distributed. Rakesh says do the marriage, loss has happened to me. Taya ji tells you will get 5 lakhs anyhow and tells Anand that happiness will come with the marriage. Tai ji asks Bela to give the kachoris etc and asks Naina not to trouble Bholu Ram. Naina comes to Kitchen and sees box falling down. Sameer picks it and keeps it back. She says you knows how to make people fool and asks why he came to kitchen.

Sameer says he came to make Poha for Arjun. Naina asks how do you know and says it is your planning to trap him. You enquires everything about the person. She says you are a good player. She asks him to keep kadai on gas. She then asks him to put oil. Sameer says it doesn’t suit my hairs. Naina says I am talking about adding in kadai. She asks him to light the gas and cuts green chilli. Sameer says if tears come in his eyes then. Naina says you knows how to make others cry. Sameer says he wants to give happiness to Arjun, as he sees Bela. Munna and Pandit stand out. Sameer cuts the chillies. Munna plays the recorder by mistake. Bela scolds them. Sameer sneezes and some of the rice falls down. Naina and Sameer make Poha together. Dil deewana song plays. Sameer says one thing is missing, smile. He makes smilie. He brings Poha to Arjun. Arjun sees him and says he don’t want to eat. Sameer says you have problem with me, I will turn my face.

Arjun takes the plate and starts eating. Sameer smiles. Preeti tries to start the TV and calls Arjun. Sameer stands holding water glass. Preeti comes to Arjun and says Antenna is moved. Arjun tries to get up, but couldn’t. Preeti says sorry. Sameer says today match will come. Arjun listens to him and then says he can’t play match because of him. He takes water and medicine from him. Preeti tells Naina that they can’t watch match today. Sameer asks Munna and pandit to check antenna. He asks preeti to check out. Munna and pandit turn the antenna and asks Preeti if signal came. Sameer says no. Preeti asks if it came now. Naina says no and taunts Sameer. Signal comes. They tell together that TV is coming. Bela asks them to keep the volume down. Sameer says they want some special person to hear it. Arjun hears commentary and gets happy. Naina says he is my bhaiyya and will not come. Sameer says he will come. Naina taunts him again. Sameer says he will come, lets bet. Naina recalls Sameer’s bet for her and gets angry.

Rakesh comes home angrily, slaps Sameer and throws him out of house with Munna and Pandit. Naina looks at him. Sameer also looks at her.