The Episode starts with Naina feeling disgusted hearing the bet and scolds Sameer. Preeti, Munna and Pandit come inside and watch the cricket match. Arjun hears the commentary from his room and smiles. Preeti says she wants to see Sachin. Sameer comes to Arjun and asks him to come out and see the match. Arjun doesn’t reply. Sameer goes out and says Srikanth will hit century. He comes to Arjun and asks him to sit on wheel chair and come out. Naina’s voiceover tells that Sameer doesn’t know about T20 in future and he gave a new hope Arjun. Arjun comes out sitting on wheel chair. Sameer smiles. Naina also smiles and looks at Sameer. Naina hugs Arjun. Arjun watches the match. Sameer says if you want, you can thank me. Naina says why? You did this for yourself, and says you always wins,

but not anymore. Sameer sees player falling down and says how he will play now. Pandit says he will be out of series now. Arjun asks them to switch off the TV and says he don’t want to see. He says player fell down like him and now he will be burden on someone. Sameer tries to speak.

Arjun asks him to go and says I don’t need anyone sympathy. He says everything came to an end and cries. Naina says everything will be fine. Arjun says my game and my life , everything ended. Naina says no. Arjun says I am retired for life and have to get rotten on this bed. Anand and Rakesh come home and see Arjun crying badly. Rakesh asks what happened? Naina tells him that what happened. Rakesh goes out, slaps Sameer and asks Munna and Pandit, how did they enter home. He asks them to leave. Sameer looks at Naina.

Rakesh accuses Sameer for enjoying seeing Arjun’s helplessness. Sameer says he wanted Arjun to watch match. Rakesh says nobody will watch cricket or talk about it. He holds Sameer’s hand and kicks him out. He asks Munna and Pandit to go and is about to beat them. Sameer asks him not to beat them. Rakesh asks
Sameer to get back to work. Munna and Pandit hugs Sameer. Pandit says it is a wrong not to forgive someone. Munna says we didn’t know that hope is gone from someone’s heart. Naina hears them from balcony. Sameer feels bad.

Tai ji tells Bela that a neighboring girl wants to do love marriage and asks her to keep eye on Pooja till marriage. Bela remembers Megha. Pooja asks Bela, shall I go to meet my friend. Bela asks her to go. Tai ji says you can’t go out. Pooja asks why? Tai ji says if you want to go somewhere then go with elders. Bela asks Pooja to listen to Tai ji. Pooja calls her fiancé and tells that her Tai ji is not letting her go. Her fiancé asks her to come and watch film with him. Anand asks Tai ji and Bela to go for shopping with Naina. Pooja tells her fiancé that they can meet now and gets happy.

Naina thinks about Sameer and cries. Bela asks Tai ji to check marriage shopping list. Preeti says she needs 2 dresses. Bela says she can buy just 1 dress for preeti and Naina and tells that she is not buying for herself. Tai ji asks Anand what she is saying and says she shall wear new saree. Bela says who is here to see her. Munna and Pandit come back to Sameer and says they can’t leave him in his sasural alone. Sameer asks them to understand and says I will meet in the evening. Naina comes to balcony and says this aashiqui has ruined me, and decides to break it. Sameer sees her pulling out the reel and gets shattered.

Sameer repairs the cassette and writes Aashiqui phir se and kisses the cassette