Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 24th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer Decides To Bring Rakesh To PTM

The Episode starts with Sameer asking Naina to sit in car and opens the door. Tai ji asks if she is waiting for invitation to enter as Maharani and asks her to sit. Naina sits. Sameer’s voiceover tells that Tai ji was having gulab jal on his shirt and he has 50 rs old note, he still remembers all the moments, says he was feeling that he is taking Naina to his house as his bride. He looks at her and drives the car. Tai ji and Taya ji go to the relatives house and invites them for marriage. Tai ji introduces him as Sameer Maheshwari. Sameer eats the snacks and have tea. Naina is surprised. They go to other relative house. Sameer eats there also. Naina is surprised and says bhookad. Sameer smiles. Then they go to another relatives house. Woman asks Tai ji if this guy is chosen for Naina.

Tai ji says there is no match and says they study in school. Naina asks Sameer how much you will eat. Naina’s voiceover tells that day she thought Sameer is from Agarwal family. Tai ji feeds him with her hand. Naina’s voiceover tells that he had chai and butter milk together and was bhookad. In the car, Naina scolds Sameer. Sameer asks Taya ji and Tai ji if he did wrong. Tai ji scolds Naina.

At home, Bela tells Tai ji that they will get the other cards distributed tomorrow. Tai ji says because of Sameer, cards were distributed. Arjun says everything happens with money. Pooja asks where is papa? Bela says he went to airport to bring Bua. Tai ji says today I can’t make food and asks her to make food. Rakesh steps on the decoration paper and then keeps his hand on the decoration stuff. Naina cleans it off from his clothes and asks him to come for PTM. Preeti says Naina is getting best student award. Rakesh scolds Naina and says you forgot everything about your brother. He says tomorrow he is going to meet Doctor and says if Arjun gets well and play, gets awards then he will be happy. He says nobody will ask for girl’s awards. Tai ji says someone don’t let me rest and asks Bela to make tea. Naina cries. Sameer comes to her. Oh hum nawaz song plays.

Pooja says Phula Bua came and tells that she can’t believe that she is getting married. He asks did you get your dream guy. She says yes. Sameer says what to do to get girl of choice. Pooja says you looks like Salman Khan and any girl will agree. Naina looks at him and goes. Sameer’s voiceover tells that Naina’s house is not less than a circus for him. He says new entry Phula Bua. Everyone waits at the door to welcome her. Bua ji asks shall I go back. Tai ji says we all are here and asks her to come inside. Phula Bua asks her to remove her chappal. Phula Bua tells the flight was slow so she scolded them. They make her sit. Tai ji and Bela touches her feet. Phula Bua tells that when Veena got married, I knew she will get fat and tells that she couldn’t wear saree properly. She coughs. Naina gives her water.

Sameer tells Pooja that even Tai ji is afraid of Bua. Pooja says everyone is afraid of her. Preeti greets her. Bua says you are still dark. Naina greets her. Bua hugs her and asks why her smile is less. Bua asks who is this rajkumar. If he is Pralay. Tai ji says Pralay went to school. Bua says then why did you adopt him. Rakesh says he is Servant here, we have kept him as he has broken Arjun’s feet. Bua says Rakesh will not forgive you easily. Sameer asks Bua if she will help him. Bua says yes. She asks Tai ji to massage her feet. Anand asks Rakesh to go to school. Rakesh says he will not go and asks him not to teach him duty again and again. Naina feels bad and cries in her balcony. Sameer is standing outside and looks at Naina. Munna and Pandit come there and says we have to bring Rakesh sir to PTM. Munna says you are thinking about Rakesh sir. Sameer says he is doing this for naina. His voiceover tells that he has decided to bring Rakesh to PTM and bring father and daughter closer.

Bua asks when will hero come. Preeti says after school at 2 pm. Bua says I have chosen him. Naina asks for whom?