Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 25th January 2018 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sameer telling Munna and Pandit that they have to bring Rakesh to Parents-teacher meeting and says he can’t see Naina upset. Munna says she is hurting you and you wants her happiness. Sameer says Naina is stone hearted because of me. Pandit asks if Rakesh sir will agree? Sameer shares his plan. Munna says if something wrong happens then you will have to go to your Mummy. Sameer says he has to do this for Naina’s happiness.

Tai ji takes Bua to Bela’s house. Bua asks Bela if she will not support her to walk. She feels the smell and asks Tai ji to learn cooking from Bela. Tai ji gets upset. Bua asks them to blow on each other’s ears. She says your ears are opened now, hear me carefully and asks them to do all marriage functions on shubh mahurat. They

nod their head. She coughs. Tai ji gives her water to drink. Preeti asks Naina to smile. Arjun also asks her to smile. Anand tells Naina that he will come and see her receiving award, and will clap. Bua asks girls to sit and says I brought gifts for you. She says she got it in flight and gives them chocolate something. Tai ji asks her to give something for Pralay. Bua says when Pralay comes, I will give him. Preeti asks Bua to make her sit in flight. Bua asks Naina if she wants to sit in flight and go to Mumbai. Naina nods no. Bua says even I didn’t want to go, but I went. She says I feel that you will go there surely. Preeti says she only goes everywhere. Bua says I will get you marry there. Preeti hugs them.

Munna and Pandit come to Principal. Munna says you are like our father and sing a song. Principal says what a song and says today there is no independence day and this song is sung for nation’s father. Sameer comes and praises him. He says he wants to do something special today. Principal refuses, but they insists. Principal agrees and hears their plan.

Preeti asks Bua how the things are viewed from flight. Naina’s voiceover tells that it was not an ordinary thing to sit in flight those days, we knew how to enjoy even the smallest things. Bua asks Naina don’t you want to fly. Naina says no. Bua says you wants to fly, but have kept your feathers to rest. Veena asks girls to go to school in her usual tone. Bua asks her to say it politely. Veena tells politely. Bua asks them to make guest list and asks Anand to talk to neighbors about giving rooms. Anand says ok. Bua Dadi tells Bela that even you got lazy because of your jethani. Tai ji thinks Bua has ruined her respect infront of Bela. Bua asks them to make some stuff. Tai ji says there are so many days left. Bua says it is a girl’s marriage and asks them to hurry up.

Tai ji scolds Naina as something falls. Bua asks Naina to go and asks Tai ji to keep all the things properly. Tai ji asks Bela to help her. Bela says if I help you, then it will be an insult to Bua ji. Tai ji gets upset. Bua asks Naina when will hero come? Who looks like Salman Khan. Preeti says he comes after school at 2 pm. Bua says he is a good guy, I have chosen him. Naina surprisingly asks for whom? Bua says for myself and asks if I am less than a heroine. Rakesh asks them to go to school. Naina hesitantly asks him if he will come. Rakesh says I will not come and says I am going to meet Arjun’s doctor. Just then phone rings, and he says what?

Naina tells Preeti that she forgot to bring water and goes to drink water from school water tap. Sameer asks Naina where is your smile, if it is lost. Naina says I smile and laugh too, but infront of some people, I am scared to laugh as they snatch it. Sameer promises to make her smile always and says nobody will snatch it, and congratulates her for becoming no. 1 student. He gives her card. Naina says I don’t want this card. Sameer says I will not get tired to convince you. Naina takes the card, tears it.

Sameer calls Rakesh on stage. Anand says Rakesh should have been here. Principal says he is not here, asks him to call others.