Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 26th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Sameer And Arjun Play In The Cricket Match

The Episode starts with Pooja and Varun coming for pagphera rasam. Bela says she is looking beautiful. Pooja says if she was not beautiful before. Bela says you are looking more beautiful. Tai ji sees her mehendi and says your saas will love you. Preeti says jija too. Tai ji asks Bela to take good care of them. Naina and Preeti ask Pooja about her talk with Varun. Pooja says she is feeling ashamed. They keeps eye closed. Pooja says Varun lifted her ghunghat. The room was decorated etc. Bela comes and asks if she touched her inlaws feet. Pooja says yes. Bela asks her to make sweets. Tai ji comes there and asks Pooja to sit with Varun. Naina’s voiceover tells that in those days, they we used to ask our sister or friend what happens after marriage. In those days, girls were not open about such things. Rakesh comes and asks Arjun to practice.

Everyone gather for the match. Someone tells that Sameer is playing as a replacement for someone. Rakesh asks Arjun to concentrate on match and get car home. He says he will only take car home. Naina and preeti cheer for them. Sameer asks Naina not to worry. Arjun and Sameer are in the same team. Commentator tells that Sameer hit 6 while Arjun is losing confidence. He says Sameer made more runs and he can take man of the match trophy home. Arjun comes to strike and hit the ball. Player catches the ball and is about to throw near him.

Sameer asks him to run, Arjun stands on his place to make Sameer out of game. Sameer gets out and tells Arjun that you haven’t done right. He goes. Naina comes to him. Sameer asks her to go. Naina says no. Sameer says I don’t know why your papa or arjun hates me. Naina teases him and says you don’t know that your cheeks get red when you gets angry. Sameer says when you smile, my heart smiles and complaints that you didn’t tell me three magical words. Naina says yes, and says you are mad. Sameer says I am not mad to think that it is magical words. Naina says you are mad. Sameer says you have to tell I love….

Arjun’s foot gets hurt while playing. They ask him to get runner. Rakesh says who will become runner. Sameer says I will become runner. Everyone looks on.