Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 26th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Naina Gets Happy As Rakesh Attends PTM

The Episode starts with Naina and Sameer looking at each other. School kids come there and congratulate Naina. Sameer admires her while a song plays…. Munna gets happy seeing Swati coming there without her father. He says if she have come with her father then she would got me beaten up. Pandit says her parents came. He greets her parents. Swati asks where is ketu/ Munna. Pandit asks her to sit before her sit goes. Munna comes to Pandit and says you would have told that I am absent today.

Principal starts the function with his speech and says a student will be presenting a special programme and calls Sameer. Sameer comes and goes to stage. He touches Principal’s feet and looks at Naina. He says we all know that best student will get an award today and says no student can be

best without their teachers. Shanti teacher says he is doing this so that their reality is not known to their parents. Sameer tells the same thing and says it is wrong, we really want to respect our teachers from heart, as we will become something because of them. They are giving their today for our future. Anand tells Naina that he didn’t know that Sameer thinks so good about teacher. Naina says even we didn’t know about him. Sameer says first of all, I want to honor principal sir. He gives bouquet to everyone and calls Rakesh on stage.

Taya ji calls someone and asks to send mattresses. He then calls others for marriage arrangement. Bela asks Pooja where did you keep saree. Pooja says I forgot. Bua asks her to search. A man comes and says he came to press the clothes. Bua asks Bela to make arrangements so that he can sit outside and press the clothes. Swati tells Naina where is Rakesh. Naina says he took Arjun to Doctor. Sameer calls Rakesh again and again and asks him to come on stage. Principal says Rakesh sir is not here and asks him to honor other teachers. Sameer says Rakesh sir is not here. Just then Rakesh comes there and asks him to stop. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he called Rakesh and took risked for Naina’s happiness. He says he understood that Rakesh was yearning for respect always, and he got it for Naina’s happiness. Naina is happy as Rakesh goes on stage.

Swati tells Naina, your Papa came. Rakesh gets happy to be honored, as Sameer gives him bouquet and touches his feet. Rakesh gets emotional. Naina also gets emotional and gets tears of happiness. Anand says I told you that he will come.

Bua tells Arjun that they will race and asks him to finish juice fast.. They shout as Dadi don’t move the glass. They think if she died. Dadi moves the glass and says she will not die so soon. Shefali comes there. Bua asks who is she? Shefali says I am Arjun and Naina’s friend. Bua says Arjun will be fine soon. Shefali says we got room vacated for your guests. Tai ji says they eat non veg, we don’t want room. Shefali says mom said that we will not eat non veg until Pooja gets married. Bua appreciates Shefali’s thought and taunts Tai ji. Shefali goes.

Sameer tells that he would like to call best student of the school on stage, and they all want to become like her. He asks Naina to come on stage. Naina goes on stage. Everyone claps for her. Sameer looks at her. He says we all pray that Naina moves ahead in life and will be happy always, she gets successful and no trouble or pain can touch her, and she keeps smiling always. Naina gets emotional and looks at her. Munna tells Pandit that Sameer is looking in Naina’s eyes and will be beaten up. They shout aloud to distract them. Sameer asks all teachers to step ahead and give award to Naina. Principal says only one teacher can give award. Sameer says then Rakesh sir shall get this honor being Naina’s teacher and father. Principal says Sameer is right. Naina gets emotional. Principal sir asks Rakesh to give award to Naina. Rakesh gives award to Naina. Naina’s voiceover tells that Sameer had done something that day which fulfilled her dream and her anger was melting with his gesture. Naina gets happy and emotional as Rakesh keeps his hand on her hand. Anand, Preeti and Sameer gets happy.

Pooja sits for her haldi rasam. Sameer and Naina collide with each other and haldi plate falls over them. Le Jayenge song plays….