Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Sameer coming to Vicky and asks him to change the list as they have lost the cassette. Vicky refuses. Munna asks then how list changed for Karthik, you have sent him first. Seniors guy tells that he will get their names cut from the competition. Naina says we have worked hard for this competition. Vicky says ok. Karthik comes and asks if all is well. He asks did you come to get your name cut from the list. Mitali comes and goes to Karthik and gives him best wishes. Pandit says you are his friend? Mitali says yes and says bye. Karthik laughs and says all the best Sameer. Announcement is made for Karthik and his group performance. Karthik, Sunaina and others dance on Sameer and Naina’s songs. Sameer and Naina get shocked and recall Karthik trying to look at their dance

performance. Mitali is also a part of Karthik;s group and they perform on all three songs. Sameer says how did Karthik get that CD? Naina says Mitali must have done this. Kamya doubts Pandit and says you must have given that cassette. Pandit swears on Sameer and on his parents. Sameer says Pandit is our friend and can’t do this. Pandit says I will leave this college and go away from here. Sameer says if you do this, then I will go to Delhi. Munna says he will not let him go. Sameer hugs his friends. Naina says they have passed in friendship test that day. She says we have lost. We can’t become Mr and Ms. Fresher.
Kamya says lets change the costume and go home. Pandit says we will not go until we play those thieves band. Pandit and Munna confront Karthik and call him thief. Sameer stops them. Karthik says if you do anything then Vicky will not leave you both and tells that he got cassette as gift from Pandit. Sunaina says this is really disgusting, how can you do this? Naina says you do good acting and says how it is possible that you don’t know and asks her not to do drama. Karthik says why shall we feel ashamed? Naina says victory is earned and not snatched. Sunaina gets upset and goes. Pandit says your girlfriend went. He asks his friends to clap for Sameer and Naina. Sameer’s voiceover tells that he was pressurized to bring winning smile on Naina’s face. He runs to room. Munna and Pandit ask why did you stop us? Sameer says even I am getting angry, but this is the time to perform, and not to accept defeat. Kamya says we have no songs.


Sameer gets walkman and cassette from his bag. He says we will perform on this song with energy. Naina says how without a practice? Swati says we can’t. Sameer says we have to clap. Naina says Arjun bhaiyya says match is not over until last ball is over. Vicky announces Sameer, Naina and their group performance. They come on the stage. Sameer and his friends introduce themselves as first year students. He says life takes test and says remember that even we don’t have scarcity of answers. Sameer sings hai agar dushman….while others claps….Some girls are holding Naina’s hands trying to separate her from Sameer. Sameer gets u. Naina frees her hand and sings song. They are having an eye lock. Naina sits with her friends and sings song, claps. Sameer gets up and sings the song…Naina also claps. Karthik and his friends get tensed. Sameer’s voiceover tells that their performance was real and everything was not so perfect, Naina was forgetting the steps, and Munna was singing some other songs. They wait for the results.

Principal announces the results. Everyone wait anxiously.